RC Laser Sailing in Extreme Weather

RC Laser extreme weather sailing at Rodd Point, Sydney in March 2015

RC Laser sailing in extreme weather is not for the faint hearted. Sydney experienced some extreme weather yesterday.  Winds averaged 20 knots plus and gusted to 33 knots. Six gusty RC Laser sailors set up at Rodd Point in Sydney to test their Radio Control Lasers under these conditions. Our correspondent, Noel, thought he might get away […]

Radio Control Yachting – How to Repair The Sail Winch

Radio Control Yachting

We are publishing some of the top tips from the Radio Control Laser Community. This one comes from Ned Whiteley of  Victoria and explains how to repair the sail winch in 30 minutes at a cost of $14. How to Repair the Sail Winch on the RC Laser Step 1 Place tape around the bottom of the […]

2015 RC Laser National Championships

RC Lasers racing in the inaugural National Championships in 2009

Radio Control Laser 2015 Australian National Championships Date Announced Hold the press and get out your diary! The date for the 2015 RC Laser National Championships has been announced. The event will take place over the weekend of 29th – 30th August, 2015 and will be hosted in Sydney by Dobroyd RC Lasers. It’s expected […]

2015 International Competition for Radio Controlled Laser Yachts

2015 Radio Controlled Laser Yacht Championships location

2015 Radio Control Laser Championship of Nations The 2015 Radio Controlled Laser Yacht Championship in the Netherlands promises to be a great event and we are hoping many Australian Radio Controlled Laser Yacht sailors can participate in the regatta. Australia had two participants in the 2013 Radio Controlled Laser Yacht Championship of Nations held in Southport in the UK and […]

Tuning Tips for your Radio Controlled Yacht

Radio Controlled Yacht

The RC Laser is simple to sail and a challenge to race. And part of that challenge is getting your radio controlled yacht tuned for racing. Here Jon Elmaleh, the designer of the RC Laser and champion radio controlled yacht sailor gives his tuning tips. With the RC Laser National Titles scheduled for August, there’s […]