The Model Laser Yacht – RC Laser

A model of the Laser

You’ve heard of the internationally famous Olympic class Laser dinghy?

The Laser was designed by renowned sailor and yacht designer Bruce Kirby and so was the RC Laser. In fact the RC Laser is a  scale model of the Laser with necessary modifications to assure model performance (eg the modified keel).

Bruce Kirby represented Canada in three Olympics and designed two Americas Cup defenders but is best known for the remarkable Laser.

The Laser, a one person yacht is the most popular racing class sailboat of all time. It is sailed throughout the world with over 174,000 having been built to date.

Laser Model Yacht designers Bruce Kirby and Jon Elmaleh

The Model Laser Yacht

The RC Laser was developed by Jon Elmaleh. Jon has captured more than 30 United States national radio controlled racing championships since the early 1980s and is recognised as one of the world’s top radio controlled yacht designers.

Bruce and Jon’s collaboration on the RC Laser brought together an extraordinary combination of high tech design skill and practical radio controlled sailing experience – little wonder that the resultant RC Laser is such an acclaimed product.

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