Australian RC Laser Sailors to compete in European Championships

The Australian RC Laser community is set to be represented by two Australian RC Laser sailors at the upcoming European Championships being held in Valenciennes, northern France, May 14-16. Valenciennes is a town of about 400,000 people on the Scheldt (French: Escaut) river.

RC Laser Sailors from Australia will compete in the 2016 European Championships

Alan Griffith, a regular RC Laser sailor at Dobroyd in Sydney, and Peter O’Grady, of the Paradise Radio Yacht Club on the Gold Coast, will be travelling to Europe to compete in the Championships in May. The experience of sailing in an international fleet will be something new for both of these RC Laser sailors.

The French organisers have recently advised that there are more places available for international entries to the European Championships. Australian RC Laser sailors interested in attending should contact

Both Alan and Peter will be travelling with suitcases loaded with promotional literature about the wonders of the Gold Coast, with the aim to entice a large contingent of European RC Laser sailors to enter the 2017 RC Laser Championship of Nations, planned for early November next year.

While there has not, as yet, been any Notice of Race issued for this big event, expressions of interest have been received from more than a dozen overseas skippers, as well as many Australian RC Laser Sailors.

For more information about the 2017 RC Laser Championships of Nations or the 2016 European Championships please contact

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