Dobroyd Point RC Laser Club, Rodd Point, Sydney

The Dobroyd Point RC Laser club is currently meeting every Thursday afternoon at midday and every 2nd Sunday afternoon at 1pm.

RC Lasers are an official class within the Dobroyd Aquatic Club (DAC) and members have use of the DAC facilities including the club-house which has WC and kitchen facilities.  We keep buoys and related equipment at the clubhouse and have use of the club’s boats for setting courses and, if needed, for rescuing errant boats.

We typically have around 6-12 boats on the water.   Our venue is sensational for sailing and has hosted numerous championship events.  Best of all, the wind rarely lets us down and provides a variety of interesting sailing conditions.

The focus of our group is all about enjoyment – both on the water and off.  Our experienced club members enjoy helping newcomers improve their sailing and learn how to care for and get the best performance out of their boat.

There is also an opportunity for those who have not sailed an RC Laser to come and try one out. Please contact Cliff on (02) 9954-0755 to arrange the use of a trial boat.

Please let Cliff know on cliff@radiosail.com.au if you’d like to be added to our e-mail list.  We send out e-mails in advance of each meet to confirm and advise of expected weather conditions.

For more information, Club Captain Noel McPherson can be contacted on e-mail nmcp@optusnet.com.au


Other NSW Fleets

There are many RC Lasers sailing in various regional locations in NSW.

We know of RC Lasers sailing at Wagga Wagga, Georges Basin, Albury-Wodonga, Kangaroo Valley, Batemans Bay, Tea Gardens and Diggers Camp. There are also a number of RC Lasers in the ACT.

Fleets are continually developing in regional NSW and many of the current owners are very keen to meet up with others in their locale – if you would like to connect with others we suggest you contact us or raise a discussion in the forums section of our web-site.

Report – Wednesday 8 September 2010

Well, today was a little different to last Sunday. Brilliant sunshine, a light breeze swinging around, and very variable – mainly from the south.

We arrived to see the clubhouse pretty much high and dry – haven’t seen the water as low as it was today. And it stayed like it most of the afternoon.

Again, there was a good turn out – we had 6 boats and seven sailors turn up. It was good to see Ted and Bob back, and also Merv, who has returned from London. The conditions were rather trying today – variable winds and directions, mainly from behind the clubhouse. Most of us started with the A sail, then found in some of the puffs that we were duck diving, so changed down to the B sail. Then the wind dropped off – back to the A sail for the rest of the day. Towards the end of the day, the wind was really dropping off.

So, another interesting day! Hope to see you on one of our days if you haven’t come along – it is a great distraction from the day to day things we have to deal with. See you next time

Noel McPherson RCL # 65

Hold Onto Your Hat – D Sails Stretched at Rodd Point Sunday 5 September 2010

Well, I think the dog blew off the chain yesterday! It was reported there were 50 knot gusts at Fort Denison during the afternoon, and I don’t think it would have been too different at Dobroyd. You couldn’t leave a single seat unattended – they quickly headed east! The chairs had to be doubled and tripled up to stay in place.

There were 7 boats that turned out for the day – it was certainly interesting; and never dull! Even though it was fairly hard sailing, every one went away with a smile on their face. I think we all had some sort of difficulties even getting across the start line sometimes, let alone completing the course. All of us found it very difficult to tack when we wanted to – it was more a matter of waiting and continuing until a lull in the wind came along – enough to throw the tack and hold it. If all else failed you could always go around the other way! Even with the ‘D” sail we were nosediving downwind if we weren’t careful.

Surprisingly, there was some very close racing; with a number of blanket finishes. We started out wishing we had an ‘E’ sail, but by the time we finished the day, some had gone up to ‘C’s and there was even talk of ‘B’ sails because the wind had abated somewhat.

Rohan came along without the D sail and found it almost impossible to sail his boat at the height of it – I think he will be talking to Cliff! So, next time there is a big blow on, come on down. The boats stood up to it very well once the sail was sorted out. It was never dull or boring. Paul Derwent has taken the photos, which captured the day very well. Look forward to seeing you all at the next Sunday – 19 September or next Wednesday 8th September.

Noel McPherson

RCL 65





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