Waterways RC Laser Club

One of the largest and most active RC Laser fleets in Australia is based at Waterways (near Moorabbin) in Melbourne’s southeast (Melway reference Map 93 E2). The club has its own web-site The best meeting spot is around the “Nest on the Water Café”, however courses and launching location are set on the day depending on wind direction.

Waterways is a residential development with a beautiful freshwater lakes as one of the main attractions. For RCL sailing it is ideal, there are three jetties that we can sail from which is excellent for our purposes.

The side of the lake we use has a lovely grassed area making it very comfortable indeed and suits the younger ones there is even a small sandy beach. All in all it is a great place to sail which usually gets constant breezes from all directions.

The Waterways Body Corporate is keen for us to hold organised events and welcome regular sailing.

The first RCL Victoria Titles were held at Waterways in June 2008.  Right now we have around between 5 -10 regular boats in our area and whilst getting them all together at one time will probably never happen we could potentially have up to around 20.

Racing is usually held on Sunday afternoons at around 2pm.  All RCL’s are welcome to join in, racing social and not too serious, however close and competitive.

Contact Scott Fleming on 0419 698 045 or Simon Dubbin on 0439 727-007

Country Victoria

There are a number of RC Lasers sailing in regional centres including Portland, Geelong and Wodonga. If you would like to join up with others enjoying this exciting new sport, contact Radio Control Sailing Australia and we will assist you to get started and meet other enthusiasts.

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