RC Lasers in WA

WAnderers Club Perth – RC Lasers in WA

RC Lasers in WA
Perth has a growing number of keen RC Laser sailors who enjoy the performance and the strictly one-design aspect of the boats, the comparative minimal cost, and the very close racing. With four quickly interchangable sails the boats can be sailed in breezes up to about 30 knots….the boat’s performance on the day is totally up to the skipper – not how much money he has to spend on his boat !
WAnderers club is established for RC Lasers in WA.  They are welcoming to newcomers or experienced RC sailors. Contact Rod on gerney@bigpond.net.au or Mobile 0416 246-216 for information or a test sail of our demo boat.  Visit http://wanderersrclaser.weebly.com/


RC Lasers in WA

If you currently, or have in the past, sailed a Laser full or radial rig, come and see how great these Laser model yachts are to sail. 

If you sail other RC classes in Perth, come and have a trial sail of an RC Laser – the competitiveness of your RC Laser yacht is not a function of how much money you have to spend – around $1250 (plus batteries) gives you all four sail sizes and everything there is to buy for the RC Laser – the rest is up to you and your sailing. skill….

There is no boat building – when it arrives in the bag you can put the batteries in the transmitter and boat and head for the water to sail straight away !

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