Full Steam Ahead as South Australia Sets Sail

adelaide-coastlineFive South Australia Radio Control Laser Sailors to Compete in the National Titles. 

South Australia has put their best foot forward this year with five Radio Control Laser Sailors set to compete at the RC Laser Nationals in Yarrawonga.

SA RC Laser Sailors - Team members
Jurgen Luther, Scott Mitchell and Adrian Heard at West Lakes
  • Jurgen Luther, having represented SA in many RC Laser titles
  • Scott Mitchell, National 2013 RC Laser champion
  • Mark Easton who sailed in the 2013 Nationals in Adelaide
  • Adrian Heard who sailed in the Sydney Nationals in 2015
  • Lindsay Sawyer who is about to sail his first RC Laser National titles

You might be thinking ‘big deal’ as most the other Eastern States of Australia could easily round up even more sailors to compete, but what makes it a ‘big deal’ for SA is the fact that despite the RC Laser Nationals being held in Adelaide in 2013 (with six SA entrants), the actively sailing South Australia Radio Control Laser fleet remained in a parlous state for at least a year afterwards.

It is only in the last six months that we have had 3-4 regular starters in club sailing, and in the last two months 6 starters in our South Australia Radio Control Laser Series events.

Mark Easton and Lindsay Sawyer at Mawson Lakes
Mark Easton and Lindsay Sawyer at Mawson Lakes

As many people are aware, Jurgen Luther has almost single-handledly been the force behind developing the RC Laser class in SA. In 2014 he almost gave up because despite there being 3-4 sailors at two SA clubs, he and Lou Lamberts were often the only regulars at Mawson Lakes Model Yacht Club, joined on occasion by Mark Easton, when not caught up in the pressures of work.

Late 2014 was the turning point with Adrian Heard purchasing a boat, followed by Lindsay Sawyer joining the group in early 2015.

2016 welcomed John Nieuwenhuizen and John Berry to our ranks, with SA now claiming a potential fleet of seven.

So as they say, from little things, big things grow, but as the SA RC Laser Sailors, we are still somewhat incredulous that we have been able to secure five team members to the National Titles. The experienced gained by our group will be invaluable for RC Laser sailing in SA, and will put us in good stead to field a good group of sailors for the Championship of Nations in Queensland in 2017.

Words and pictures by Adrian Heard.

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