RC Laser Class Rules

The RC Laser Class Rules

version dated 1/1/2003


A.1 One-Design Clause – The primary purpose of these class rules is to regulate all RC Laser boats, used for racing, to be equal in boat speed.

A.1.1 Anything not specifically permitted by these class rules is PROHIBITED.

A.2 Abbreviations

IRCLCA International RC Laser Class Association
RRS Racing Rules of Sailing
OTT Out There Technologies LLC – licensed builder
ISAF-RSD International Sailing Federation
NCA National Class Association
DM Division Member

A.3 Authority – These rules are established and maintained by the licensed builder of the boat, and, as such, are independent of any organisation.

A.3.1 Neither the ISAF-RSD, nor any DM, nor any NCA, nor a recognised measurer is under any legal responsibility with respect to these class rules or accuracy of measurement and no claim arising from them can be entertained.

A.3.2 Any group of RC Laser owners may lobby the licensed builder to change specific class rules.

A.4 Language

A.4.1 The official language of the class is English and in case of dispute over translation the English text shall prevail.

A.4.2 The word “shall” is mandatory and the word “may” is permissive.

A.5 Licensed Builder

A.5.1 The licensed builder has a building agreement from Bruce Kirby Inc. and is authorised to distribute the Laser trademark.

A.5.2 All equipment, (Hulls, keels, rudders, equipment, fittings, spars and sails) shall be manufactured by the licensed builder in accordance with the RC Laser design, approved by Bruce Kirby Inc.

A.6 Class Rules and their Interpretation

A.6.1 Any discrepancy or conflict in interpretation of these regulations shall be referred to the licensed builder.

A.6.2 Any interpretation shall be made by the licensed builder with the exception that interpretations at events shall be carried out in accordance with the RRS. The race organising authority shall inform the IRCLCA of their ruling as soon as practical after the event.

A.6.3 In the case of a measurement dispute on the hull, spars, sails, battens, keel, rudder, rigging, types of fittings or equipment, and the placing of the same not explicitly covered by these class rules, the following procedure shall be adopted:A sample of 10 other boats shall be taken and measured using identical techniques. The dimensions of the disputed boat shall be equal to, or between the maximum and minimum dimensions obtained from these 10 boats. If the boat in question is outside these dimensions the matter, together with any relevant information, shall be referred to the licensed builder which shall give a ruling.

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