Sail Numbers

Sail Numbering Explained

A full set of sails for the RC Laser comprises three rigs/sails. The A rig (often described as the ‘light airs’ or ‘drifter’ rig) is the largest and is most suited to light winds. The B or ‘standard’ rig will be used for the most common wind strengths. The C rig (sometimes referred to as the ‘storm’ rig) is reserved for very heavy weather sailing.

If you can only afford one additional sail then your choice should be determined by the wind conditions in which you expect to sail most. For example, if you sail mostly on an inland lake surrounded by trees you should go for the A rig. If, however, you will be sailing mostly on or near the sea you may prefer to make the C or ‘storm’ rig your additional sail.

Sail and hull numbering should follow the recommendations set out on diagram below.

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