Adjusting Your Mainsheet

Adjusting Your Mainsheet

The mainsheet is the little piece of black string that controls the boom position.
The correct set-up for best performance is an adjustment that brings the boom in to the “quarter” when the radio control level is set to full in.
Note – The main lever is full in, but the fine control slide should be set in the middle. The photo below shows the boom in the proper fully trimmed position.

This may look like it is set too far out but it is correct for optimum performance ? as will be confirmed by sailors of full sized Lasers. Remember, you still have “in” movement available with your fine control slide.

The following procedure will ensure you are correctly set-up;
Step 1 : Untie the knot at the boom end of the mainsheet.
Step 2 : Turn on the transmitter then the boat power.
Step 3 : Move the sail control lever to the full trim position. Now set the fine control slide to the middle of its range.
Step 4 : Re-tie the knot in the boom end of the mainsheet so that the boom is located as shown in the picture above, After retying the knot, check the trim position several times to make sure it is correct. When you slide the fine tune lever all the way in the boom should come all the way to the centreline.

I) The slider on the boom that you are connecting the sheet to should be positioned directly over the brass eye in the deck. Do not move it forward or aft as it loads the winch unnecessarily and doesn’t provide any advantage.
II) Don’t be concerned with where the boom goes when fully released, just where it is when the sail is fully trimmed. You want to know that your sail will come in to the best sailing angle in light to moderate wind, while you have the fine tune centred and the stick all the way in. If it blows hard and you need extra trim, then you slide the fine tune all the way to trim direction and you get extra trim. Sailing downwind, the boom will go out past 90 degrees. That is not a problem. You still have control over how far out it will go. And you will learn to sail your boat “on the lee” to your advantage.

Adjusting Your Control (Monofilament) Line

It is unheard of for a new boat to have the control line adjusted improperly, but it could get out of adjustment. With the radio fine tune in the centre of its range, run the control from full in to full out. You should not get the knot in the control line (monofilament line) either into the drum (full out) or into the bow roller (full in). If it does reach either end, carefully lift the drum (unscrew first) and turn slightly on the splined shaft to adjust.

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