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We would like to congratulate you on your choice of boat. The RC Laser truly is a great boat to own and sail whether having fun on your own, racing against a fleet, match racing against a mate, having fun with friends at a picnic or teaching one of your kids to sail.
The RC Laser is renowned for being easy to sail. However if you match yourself against an experienced sailor you will find that it takes a lot of experience and skill to get the best possible performance out of the boat. If fleet racing is your ambition, expect a long apprenticeship to get to the front of the fleet. You will never get bored sailing an RC Laser!

About ‘Tips & Hints’

Tens of thousands of hours of RC Laser sailing fun and excitement around the world has generated an enormous body of knowledge that we are pleased to be able to share with you.

As you probably know, sailors are relentlessly inquisitive & inventive – always looking for & coming up with clever ways to improve a boat’s performance.

We hope you will find this information helpful & we look forward to receiving contributions from yourselves that we in turn can share with your local and international colleagues. Click here to submit your suggestions and questions.

In compiling these tips & hints we must acknowledge the generous support of Steve Lang at The Model Sailing Center, the USA distributor of the RC Laser, David Smythe, Secretary of the UK RC Laser Association and Terry Flynn of the South African RC Laser Association who have kindly given us permission to draw on the knowledge they and their sailing colleagues have accumulated.
You will see that some parts of ‘Go Faster ‘  are open access, other sections are accessible only to visitors who register on our web-site and others only available to registered boat owners.

If you own a RC Laser, we encourage you to register your boat.  The one off fee ($45)is very modest and in addition to the bonus material available on the web-site, you will receive boat numbers, 3 pairs of sail numbers, a periodic newsletter and most importantly, opportunities to meet up with and race against your fellow RC Laser owners.
Disclaimer: In preparing these tips & hints Radio Control Sailing Australia has taken every care to ensure their integrity and correctness however cannot accept responsibility in tort or otherwise for the content of these pages.

We wish you many hours Happy Sailing!

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