Protecting Your Fingers from the Boom Sliders


Protecting Your Fingers from the Boom Sliders

There is a solution! Go to your nearest fishing tackle shop and purchase a bag of small beads (we do not know the fisherman’s jargon for them I’m afraid). They are about 5 mm in diameter and have a hole through the centre for threading on a line. These are a nice force-fit on the slider ends and do a great job in protecting your fingers – especially in cold weather.


Modified Out-hall and Main-Sheet Attachment

There is a better way to attach the outhaul and the mainsheet to the boom.
Problem – On the outhaul, you first need to feed a rather bulky knot through the aft slider and then figure out which way to enter the maze to get the loop to end up in the slider bale. And usually you end up with the line spiralled around the boom and need to straighten out the sliders.

Solution – Untie the outhaul line from the sail and add a hook to the clew of the sail. This will allow you to install the outhaul onto the boom and leave it there. When you are ready to rig, simply connect the hook (already attached to the sail) to the loose end of the outhaul line.
What Hook? – The trick is to find a hook that is strong, light, easy to use and won’t accidentally snap off. The hook pictured was developed for fisherman to quickly and easily change their fishing tackle. You will need one for each sail you own (because it takes a bit to get it installed on the sail). And you will need one for the mainsheet slider.
When the hook/clip is installed, it takes very little strength, and absolutely no pain, to hook the sail to the outhaul, and the mainsheet to the boom. The mainsheet snap is tied to the sheet
and snaps into the slider bale.


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