Care & Handling

Powering On & Off

The preferred order is Transmitter ON, Boat ON – Boat OFF, Transmitter OFF.

Or, to put it another way; Transmitter (handpiece) is first on & last off.

Don’t Drop or Throw Your RC Laser into the Water

The RC Laser is so tough that launching it from height from a pier or flinging it from shore into deeper water might seem like a reasonable thing to do. Yes you will likely get away with it ? probably for quite some time – but sooner or later you will find your beloved boat turned turtle with the rudder sticking up and yes, the keel nowhere to be seen ? this kind of misuse will eventually break the wing nut fitting that holds the keel in place and the keel will slide away to the murky depths.

If you launch from a jetty that prevents you being able to launch from the water level you should make a hooked ended launching pole. This ‘launcher pole’ will also enable you to lift the boat from the water.

Don’t Lift Your RC Laser by the Mast

Most model sailboats use standing rigging. ie. shrouds and stays to hold up the mast. The RC Laser uses a “freestanding” rig, meaning that the mast is supported by its own strength. This is a terrific rig and one of the great attributes of the RC Laser.

Models that have standing rigging are often launched and retrieved by using the mast as a handle. With all these other model boats, there is no real damage done, however, if you try to pick up the RC Laser by the mast, that’s all you will get – the mast!

Launching/Retrieving without Getting Wet Feet

The ideal sailing location will have hard edges right on the water and 400mm of water depth well within arms reach. Of course this will not always be the case. Here are a couple of suggestions if you need to launch and retrieve one or two metres away from dry land and you don’t fancy wading in;

Option 1 : Gaff Hook : One option is to use “boat hook” or make one up with a 1-11/2 metre long broomstick with a small hook on the end to catch the keel ring. If you do use such a device, be careful not to twist the hook while in the keel ring or you may snap the ring off and lose the keel.

Option 2 : Modified Paint Roller : Another option is to use a telescoping paint roller stick connected to a small 100-150mm paint roller. Cover the hook with foam or bubble-wrap taped into place. Slide the hook (roller) under the boat and around the keel from the rear.

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