Packing The Gear Away in the Bag

The diagram below illustrates how the boat and accessories packs away in the bag.

Note: the stainless steel boat stand lies across the transmitter pocket ? you will find it fits over rather nicely if you have it the correct way round.

bagSails – pack the sails first since the weight of the other items packed in the centre flap makes it difficult to insert the sails. Flip the centre flap up and place sails with the luff of the sail in first, the foot of the sail to the right, and the head of the sail to the left (that leaves the leech of the sail with the sail streamers closest to you, and the zipper).
bag2Put the tack of the sail all the way in to the back of the pocket so that the clew of the sail is comfortably inside the zipper. Lay sail flat with no folds. If you have the A sail, it will stick out the left end of the bag – we will get to that later. Before folding the flap over the sail(s), carefully fold the wind streamers back over the sails to keep them from getting caught in the zipper. Now fold the flap down over the sails and check again to make sure no sail, strings, streamers are sticking out that could get caught in the zipper.Keel – On the right side of the centre flap are two long thin pockets. The one closest to the fold of the bag is for the keel, that’s the pocket with the large retention Velcro strap. ALWAYS insert keel fin into the pocket with the pointed end (trailing end) of the lead, pointing toward you (away from fold in bag) The lead is soft so it is important to protect the pointed end from receiving a blow. The strap folds over the lead and attaches with Velcro.

bag3Rudder – Goes in the shorter of the two pockets – right next to the keel.Hull – Remove the batteries before packing hull. The hull is inserted into the large pocket UPSIDE DOWN and STERN FIRST (yes, this is different to what is shown in the video, but it is the best way). When fully in the pocket, the tiller will stick out through the hole in the left end of the pocket. In the middle of the elastic opening for the hull pocket is a snap. After the boat is inserted, clip the snap shut so that the bow of the boat is held toward you (away from the keel lead). This snap helps keep the hull from banging on the point of the lead.

bag4Spars – in the fold of the bag are two Velcro strap keepers. Take your mast sections, and the boom and secure them with the straps. Even the A mast will fit right along with your standard mast and boom.
bag5Transmitter, batteries, etc . – To the left of the hull pocket is the transmitter pocket. Insert the radio BOTTOM FIRST into the pocket with the control sticks FACING UP. You should remove the batteries from the boat and put in this pocket as well. This keeps the heavy batteries from getting loose inside the boat and banging around. You should also find room in this pocket to put other small items like sunscreen, etc.
bag6Stainless Steel Cradle – If you have this boat stand, fold it flat and then put the open ends around the stern of the hull with the cross beam between the stern of the hull and the radio pocket and the curved end around the outside of the radio pocket. It fits perfectly if you do it right.?A? sail – If you have the A sail, you will now fold the head of the sail back across the radio compartment. I recommend that you insert a small piece of foam, to fold the sail over to keep it from getting a hard crease in the sail. Be careful when zipping the bag that the sail does not get caught in the zipper.

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