Broken Antenna Tube (Boat)

Broken Antenna Tube (Boat)

The plastic antenna tube on the RC Laser has been known to break ? this is not going to happen without a lot of use ? in fact it will take a lot of heavy weather use in very cold conditions ? it happens as a result of the tube being repeatedly bashed by the boom and losing its elasticity due to the low temperatures.
The antenna bashing is the result of having a bendy mast which, under certain conditions, allows the boom to be lower to the deck. So low in fact, that it hits the antenna as it travels by. This is especially fierce in a high wind gybe.

Deck Mounted On-Off Switch has Ceased to Function.

If your on-off switch suddenly stops working and you have checked all other sources of lack of power to the boat’s radio compartment, you should check the rubber switch cover for splits. If this reveals a failure you should replace it with a spare, at the same time replacing the switch. Once water gets inside the switch “black rot” will spoil the internal connections.
Failure of the rubber cover is not common but ultra violet light can cause, over a long period, a deterioration of the material to the point of failure.
It makes sense of course to inspect the rubber switch cover for splits on a regular basis rather than wait for the switch to fail during a race.


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