Gold Coast to Host International Championship

Gold Coast to host 2017 RC Laser Championship of Nations
Gold Coast to host 2017 RC Laser Championship of Nations

2017 RC Laser Championship of Nations to be held on the Gold Coast

The 2017 RC Laser Championship of Nations has been awarded to Australia. At the recent Australian National Titles held in Sydney, it was decided that the Paradise Radio Yacht Club on the Gold Coast would host this important event.

The Gold Coast is Australia’s favorite holiday destination due to the climate, the beaches and the many tourist attractions. The 2017 RC Laser Championship of Nations is the only excuse you need for you and your family to travel to Australia for a holiday. Apart from the sailing, which promises to be a huge event with not one but two regattas, there are 5 theme parks including native flora and fauna, whale watching, dozens [hundreds?] of eating establishments, shopping centres and of course the weather and beautiful beaches.

Gold Coast Climate

The Championship will be held in mid November 2017 when the average temperature varies from an overnight 19 degrees C to about 27 during the day. The mean wind speed in the morning is 10 knots and in the afternoon increases to 13 knots. It is stunning weather at this time of year, and a welcome break from the cold for our Northern Hemisphere friends.

Things to do on the Gold Coast

Because it is such a popular area there are many websites promoting the whole experience of the Gold Coast. Here are a few of many that will provide you with information and a desire to come to the Gold Coast to compete in the Championships  and holiday with your family. and

Radio Control Laser - south berembong sailig club

Event Planning

As well as the Championship of Nations we are planning to have the 2017 Australian RC Laser Nationals as a warm up series. Depending on numbers, this will be open to all-comers and will be used to select the Australian team for the Championship of Nations if numbers need to be restricted. If there are more than 50 total entries for the big event we plan to have a parallel series, this way everyone will have a full week of racing.

To help with our planning we are asking all fleets to canvass their members to get expressions of interest. This will help us to decide if there needs to be a quota system and, if so, how it should operate so that it is fair for everyone.

We understand that sometimes it is difficult to know what you will be doing in two year’s time but we would appreciate hearing how much interest there is in coming to Australia for a wonderful holiday, good friendships and, of course, some excellent sailing. We would initially like to hear from you as to whether you think that you or any of your members will make the trip to Australia in 2017. We hope to have preliminary estimate of numbers by March 2016.

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