Improving the Performance of Your RC Laser

With summer racing at its peak, we thought it was a great time to re-introduce the downloadable guide on improving the performance of your RC Laser.

Improving the performance of your RC Laser
Download the Guide – Improving the performance of your RC Laser

Download The Guide – Making Your RC Laser Go Faster

The guide was put together by a group of seasoned radio control yacht sailors, notably  Hugh Buckle, with advice from
Cliff Bromiley, Graham Brown, Noel McPherson and Paul Derwent.

The comments ideas and tricks are aimed mainly at the RC Laser but some, for instance Rigging the Boat, is written for a boat with main and jib. Nevertheless, the principles hold for single sailed yachts.

The guide is extremely comprehensive and includes diagrams and video links on everything from best rigging techniques, sailing rules, how to get out of irons and trouble shooting.

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