Radio Controlled Yachting Exhibition Day

Radio Controlled Yachting in Newcastle Newcastle Cruising Yacht Club hosted a Radio Controlled Yachting Exhibition Day last Saturday. There were approximately 40 boats of all sizes and types on show – both on land and on the water. The RC Laser community was well represented, with sailors from Dobroyd Aquatic Club and from the Central Coast making a day of exhibiting their boats and sailing skills.

The location of the event was ideal. The RC Yachts were rigged up immediately in front of the Club, and adjacent to the main walkway, so there was much passing traffic with many interested in the boats. It was a very public area, and the passers by could not have missed us!
Radio Controlled Yachting in Newcastle
During the morning there was very little wind, but we tried sailing in the marina area anyway; but the breeze was fickle. However, once you poked you nose out into the river itself, you immediately had clear air and water. Unfortunately no marks were put out, so the only “mark” available was a big mooring buoy on the opposite side of the river – it certainly didn’t rotate if you touched it going around… it was more like a vacuum cleaner – it sucked you onto itself.

One of the objectives of the event was to build interest in RC sailing in the Newcastle area, with the aim of developing fleets. There was certainly excellent interest with many locals taking part. The media coverage was also excellent, both the ABC and NBN news ran stories.

Thanks to everyone who made the trip up to Newcastle – I believe a good day was had by all.

Noel McPherson

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