Blustery Start to RC Laser NZ Inter-Island Championships

RC Laser NZThe RC Laser NZ Inter-Island Champs were raced at the Southern Reservoir in Dunedin on 5th and 6th May 2017. Overall the series was a great success and a good time had by all. A definitive moment on the road to further establishing this class in NZ. We all look forward to many more contests. 

It was agreed by all that the RC Laser puts the onus back on the sailor to achieve results and the boats prove to be very reliable and inexpensive, with great close racing. I had no issues transporting 2 x RC Lasers from Auckland to Dunedin just in their bags put through as oversize items with Jetstar, proving they are very transportable.

Day One RC Laser NZ Inter-Island Championships

RC Laser NZIt dawned with a blustery 20 to 30 knot Sou’ Wester. C Rigs were the order of the day. The conditions were very challenging and some races saw the fleet quite spread out. A broach or two could dramatically cost you several places in any race. Lots of thrills ‘n spills. Eight races were completed in the morning session and seven in the afternoon. After a total of 15 races there was a first equal placing between NZL02 and NZL03.  Alan Fraser (NZL06) could only sail on Friday so missed out on the best racing on Day 2.

Day Two RC Laser NZ Inter-Island Champs

RC Laser NZ What a difference a day makes. Day 2 conditions were perfect.  On the upper limit of an A Rig, the B rigs were the most used. The calmer conditions kept racing close with plenty of lead changes. Again we had 8 races in the morning and 7 in the afternoon.

A few dark horses emerged and I think the overall results could have been different if we had these conditions over both days. Neil “Pinkey” Morris sailed NZL06 on Day 2 and took a couple of races, his real Laser skills showing through. Dragos (NZL05) also sails full size Lasers and shows he will be a force to be reckoned with once he masters the controls. Norm (NZL07) showed that consistency definitely pays off to come in a creditable 3rd overall. Kevin (NZL04) had a few rudder problems but won a lot of the starts and grabbed the odd win as well. Colin borrowed NZL01 for the series and improved throughout. Graham (NZL02) and Rob (NZL03) kept close tabs on each other all day trading blows for top spot. The overall result showed Graham finally held out to take First overall with Rob a close 2nd.

A lack of a designated photographer meant Tim Hills was trying to race and take photos as well. Not easy, particularly on Day One. Thanks Tim. Tim also gets the prize for quickest rig change.

RC Laser NZ Inter-Island Champs Overall Results:

1st – NZL 02 Graham Watson (North Island)
2nd – NZL 03 Rob Todd (South Island)
3rd – NZL 07 Norm Sinclair (South Island)
4th – NZL 06 Alan Fraser (South Island)
5th – NZL 05 Dragos Blaga (South Island)
6th – NZL 04 Kevin Brown (South Island)
7th – NZL 10 Tim Hills (South Island)
8th – NZL 01 Colin Moodie (South Island)

Report by Graham Watson 

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