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From time to time we get emailed questions about the challenges of radio yachting

You may or may not be aware of the booklet called ‘Go Faster’ – (gives guidelines on how to set up your RC Laser for the best performance). For those of you who have not seen it before, we attach a link for you to download.

Here is a report and some questions that we received recently from Rob Todd, a NZ RC Laser sailing skipper, sailing at the Southern Reservoir Yacht Club in Dunedin.
Comments to Rob’s questions will be most welcome.

As reported by Rob……

 “Wind was very light that day, and I experienced my first dunking of the Laser, but like the hardy boat it is, that was no hassle.
Although some of the guys were aware of the RC Laser class, there was more interest amongst the fleet than I was expecting. RC Laser

I had a great day sailing. My only issue was that the boom worked its way out of the socket at the gooseneck, not much, but enough to upset the down haul that I had on the luff of the sail causing a bit of a wrinkle at the bottom which upset the curve of the foot.

So, I have some questions about that…
Maybe I have to have the mainsheet set further out on the boom and have it currently set straight above the eye on the deck?
Maybe the mainsheet needs to be set further back so that there is bit of loading towards the gooseneck?
I would have thought the outhaul tension would have kept the boom driven towards the gooseneck. Can you lock the boom into the gooseneck?

Any comments??

Report and pictures: Rob Todd

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