South Australian RC Lasers

South Australian RC Lasers in the News

South Australian RC LasersThe South Australian RC Laser team from Mawson Lakes Model Yacht Club are in the news. Their achievement in winning the State Shield at the recent 2017 RC Laser Championship of Nations held at the Gold Coast last November has been recognised by the magazine, Mawson Lakes Living.

Congratulations to Adrian Heard, Scott Mitchell, Don Turnbull, John Berry, Lindsay Sawyer, Jurgen Luther, Bob Whitehead and Mark Easton for winning the Shield and to John, Lindsay, Bob and Ken (President) for the great group photo.   

The South Australian RC Laser team will be one to contend with at the 2018 RC Laser National Championships taking place on their home waters October. 

More news on the National Championships will be published here shortly. 

To read the full article, go here: Mawson Lakes Living. 

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