RC Laser Specifications


Deck Length:105.4cm
Waterline Length:95.9cm
Mast top above deck (B Rig)134.6cm
Bottom of keel to top of mast (B Rig)
Sail Area

Displacement4 kg

Hull and deck : one piece blow moulded polyethylene

Mast : 2 piece tapered fibreglass composite

Sail : non-woven polyester composite film; sleeved to slide over the mast

Radio Transmitter : 2 channel

RC Laser Specifications and Features in brief : (see ‘How the RC Laser is Constructed’ for more details)

  • the mast is stepped into a non-captive deck step that allows the mast to swivel. There is no standing rigging.
  • easy access to radio compartment via snap-lid port.
  • easy to adjust stainless outhaul.
  • all parts are interchangeable and inexpensive to replace.
  • requires 12 ea AA batteries, either alkaline or rechargeable; 4 in the receiver (boat); 8 in the transmitter (hand-piece).
  • Boat is corrosion resistant and salt water safe.
  • gooseneck fitting is fixed so boom vang is not necessary.
  • keel and rudder snap in and out in an instant – no tools required.
  • cleverly designed (optional) boat bag that fits the boat and all of its components for easy carrying/transport.
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